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Firefox security update

Hi all!

 As I see, #362656 is uncommented. As there are *several* and *remote*
vulnerablities, it needs at least a comment, what's going on.
As from my side, I have tried to make an updated package for internal
use at least. Minor note that zip has to be added to build-depends, but
the most important is that it's unbuildable. The reason is the printing
extension in XFree86, Xorg. For the former extensions/Print.h is in
libxp-dev; but for the former I couldn't find a solution. Since it's
under /usr/X11R6/include, it isn't found by the building process, due
the FTBFS.
The solution seems to be the transition of the printing extension in
Xorg or maybe patching Firefox to look for any replacement for printing.


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