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Re: About expulsion requests

Scripsit Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr>

>> So far as I can tell, the decision to make the first message public or
>> semi-public has been a decision taken by the people who chose to start it,
>> not by the process, and changing the process isn't going to address that
>> problem (unless, I suppose, there's some ban in the process for starting
>> that way, but that gets rather tricky).  Since Debian's mailing lists are

> Simple, any request for expulsion which doesn't pass through the DPL or
> whoever is in charge first before going public, is dismissed out of
> hand,

That would mean that if somebody _has_ done something that merits
expulsion (knowingly uploading packages with trojaned backdoors in
them is the clearest example that comes to mind) can avoid being
expelled simply by bribing someone to start campaigning loudly and
publicly for his expulsion.

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