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It will not surprise you, A.J., that my own ballot did not rank you
particularly highly.

A.J. wrote:
> So, first, thanks to all the folks who've offered congratulations ...

Let me join them.

> ... and thanks to everyone who participated in the election, whether
> by standing for DPL, by putting your name up for one of the DPL teams
> or otherwise offering to help whoever's elected, by voting, by
> participating in the discussions on -vote, Planet or IRC, or by
> helping coordinate or organise the election and debates.

Fair enough.

> A particular shout out to Manoj, who's not only set an excellent
> standard for ensuring our election process is efficient, transparent
> and reliable, but raised it every year.
> [...]
> So if you're one of the 17% or so of voters who would've rathered rerun
> the election than have me win it, or are otherwise disappointed in the
> result, I'd encourage you to spend a little bit of time thinking over
> your options, and in particular to realise that, no matter what happens,
> you always have the option of ignoring it -- the constitution absolutely
> guarantees you can't be forced to do anything you disapprove of. The
> worst case is presumably that you spend time improving some localised
> area of Debian, or focus on an upstream project, or a derived distro,
> or an alternate distro -- and as long as you keep working on free
> software, you're likely to continue benefiting from Debian's work, and
> Debian's likely to continue benefiting from yours -- all of which is still
> absolutely a good thing. So don't be afraid to act (or not act) according
> to your conscience: at worst, even if I'm wrong and Debian somehow ends
> up not diverse enough for you, the broader Debian community, and the
> free software community at large, definitely is and will remain so.
> Of course, the real challenge is for all the folks who thought I'd be a
> good DPL to ensure that in twelve months time we don't have to avoid eye
> contact with that 17% and listen to the "I told you so"'s... Fortunately
> that problem isn't quite here yet, so the details for that can wait a
> few days at least. :)

As in recent DPL elections, the personality of James Troup was a pivotal
issue in this one.  No credible DPL candidate except James himself could
have been as closely associated with James in the minds of the voters as
you.  Although individual voters surely had many reasons, overall it is
hard not to interpret the election as a vote of confidence in you, James
and the existing FTPmaster regime.  We all knew where you stood on the
issue.  The vote was narrow, but you won, fair and square.

The victory lends clarity to the issue.  This in itself is a positive

Good luck, Leader.  Best wishes from the loyal opposition.  Active,
unstinting cooperation from me during the year, you can depend on.

Thaddeus H. Black
508 Nellie's Cave Road
Blacksburg, Virginia 24060, USA
+1 540 961 0920, t@b-tk.org, thb@debian.org

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