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Re: Third call for votes for the debian project leader election 2006

JC Helary <jch.helary@free.fr>
> No because, as you'll see in my edits to cobako's proposal, the aim =20
> is to have people think in terms of "membership" and not in terms of =20
> "developership". Which will obviously make it easier for long term =20
> non-maintainer contributors to understand that they are also welcome. =20=

I think that'd be a step backwards. Those who get to vote should
be contributing to the development (=being developers) of debian
in some way. "Members" only for voting strike me as deadwood.
If we need to make becoming a developer clearer, then let's do
that, rather than introduce a new class of non-developer member.

I remain of the opinion that developer=maintainer is a bug and
developer=member is a feature. All members should help to develop,
in some way, but not necessarily to package or program.

Hope that helps,
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