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Re: help

On Wednesday 05 April 2006 10:59, Fred wrote:
> I am a very new newbie. I am pretty versed with windows OS, but I am
> looking to learn linux.
> I installed debian, the install went fine, but I can not get into the
> x-windows. I am still stuck in the DOS portion.

There is no DOS portion in Linux.

> I am not understanding the boot process. The system boots, go through it's
> thing, I logged in using my log in name and password. It tells me I
> successfully logged in but I am still like at a DOS prompt with the $
> symbol X-windows dose not start. I cant get past this portion to start to
> play with the Debian OS.
> What is : $

That's a bash prompt, not a DOS prompt.  That would be the character it uses 
to indicate you're logged in as a normal user (it would be # if you were 

If you were expecting X (aka X Window System, never X Windows) running KDE, 
then you'll want to type su at that prompt, type in your root password when 
it says Password: and then type apt-get install x-window-system kde at the # 

Paul Johnson
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