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Re: Setting up i18n.debian.org?

* Adrian von Bidder <avbidder@fortytwo.ch> [060404 19:41]:
> I guess the answer is 'not, and that's not a bad thing either'.  For d-i and 
> package descriptions etc. there are not upstream developers separate from 
> Debian.  I presume work on program translations should take place wherever 
> upstream does it - no need for Debian to set up an infrastructure.  If 
> upstream infrastructure for i18n is lacking, this should be solved 
> upstream, not in Debian.

Many upstreams do not have the resources or the need for i18n. I think
with exception of some very large upstreams like gnome, KDE or mozilla,
almost no upstream has the resources for translations. Also many
upstreams will just not care by themself but happily accept patches
from the Debian maintainer for i18n as they do with any other patches
or bugreports. (And some may even interface those resources themselves,
as many are subscribing the bts for the packages they are upstream for).

I think the most cruical point for that is the possibility to have
multipe versions of a file open for translations (best marked with
different priority), so that one as Debian Maintainer of a package
can put documents there when upstream releases a release candidate
or (if he has such a thing - a string freeze) and submit those already
collected till then back to upstream before the release, and those
that come late before uploading a package. (Docs how all this stuff
works, and where to put those files, makes it much easier, too)

	Bernhard R. Link

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