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Re: Third call for votes for the debian project leader election 2006

On 4 Apr 2006, Benj. Mako Hill stated:

> <quote who="Steve Langasek" date="Mon, Apr 03, 2006 at 12:15:15AM
> -0700">
>> Most developers seem to agree that there are bugs in our process
>> for integrating new members into the project, but that's not the
>> same as saying that non-DDs should be allowed to vote
> Clearly not.
>> voting rights are one of the few privileges that are reserved only
>> for developers, and arguably the most important.
> It's argueably the most important right that is reserved for
> developers but it does not necessary stand to reason that it should
> be reserved only for those who engage in development.

        You know, in my new country (I've just joined the enfranchised
 ranks here). Even my new country, far more democratic than Debian
 ewver shall be, does not give franchise based on work people do. If
 it did, trust fund babies would have no vote, and the "illegal
 migrant workers" would. 

        When I got my citizenship, it took an pledge of allegiance
 before things were stamped, and I had to go through an NM P&P section
 with a immigration official to see if I knew the philosophy and
 practical details of how the government worked. I also had a back
 ground and identity check done, to enter the web of trust.

        Seems like people on -project as asking L1 visa holders [0]
 to get a right to vote, no questions asked

> I'd like to see those who have made long-term, sustained, and
> significant contributions to Debian enfranchised. That could mean
> broadening the category of developer through changes to NM or it
> could also mean another enfranchised category of contributor. That's
> what I read as the argument at the core of this thread -- but
> perhaps I was just projecting.

        I think we need to make them full, undifferentiated, members
 of the project. Which means going through a process where we know
 they adhere to our foundation documents, and spend time with a
 trusted developer (AM) so we have a better idea of who they are, and
 can have a modicum of trust in that they do not sabotage the

        Trust. Commitment. Responsibility.


[0] temporary foreign workers working for a local company in the
    country to continue to do the job they did for the same
    company in their home country)
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