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Re: Third call for votes for the debian project leader election 2006

On 4 Apr 2006, Benj. Mako Hill said:

> <quote who="Manoj Srivastava" date="Mon, Apr 03, 2006 at 03:23:35AM
> -0500">
>> The way I see it, Debian produces an modular OS. the
>> modularity of the product is, by and large[0], packages.
> .. snip ..
>> [0]. There are people who contribute to Debian other than as
>> package maintainers, but they do have the same rights of
>> uploading as anyone else.
> As other have pointed out, many package maintainers can't vote
> either.

        In my nomenclature, people who upload the packages are the
 maintainers -- even if the majority of the work has been done by
 others, like the uipstream author. As far as Debian is concerned, the
 person sho signed off on the upload is the one attesting to the
 quality of the package. Also, they are the only ones we can actually
 trust we can verify the identity of (there is a reason for the web of

> I think that the fact that the upload keyring is the same as the
> voting keyring is bad. Contributors are told they can't vote until
> they learn C compiler flags. People who don't upload anymore keep
> their privileges in order to vote.

        I beg to differ here. I think that rights and priviledges
 accorded to full membership are done correctly, the steep cirve for
 becoming a maintainer keeps the riff-raff and troublemakers out (the
 investment of time and effort does not meet the retrn-on-investment
 thresholds for most  crackers, for instance).

> Branden had an interesting idea of fixing the second big by allowing
> people to simply opt-out of upload privileges through
> db.debian.org. Debian has a *very* poor recognizing non-packaging
> contributions to the community with enfranchisement of any sort.

        That is a bug I would be willing to accept as such.

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