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Re: Third call for votes for the debian project leader election 2006

Hi Gunnar,
On Mon, Apr 03, 2006 at 11:05:00PM -0500, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> > Hi Wouter,
> > the Debian web of trust is very important to things that directly affect
> > things like: uploading packages, access to servers, etc. But if there
> > was a vote on say 'should debian create a new irc channel for mutt
> > users' or 'what applications should be translated first for the urdu
> > desktop?' or 'what is the number one thing that debian users want for
> > etch?'  Then would a user need to be in the Debian web of trust to
> > affect those issues? What would be required, short of joining the web of
> > trust?
> Hi,
> In many places on Earth, "voting" and "fraud" are close to being
> synonimous. 
yea, I know, I live in the US x-)
> If we don't set up a control that makes each person to be
> worth one and only one vote, we could just set up a polling gadget in
> our webpage - and let the robots vote as often as they please.
> If I were to decide, I would define such web of trust as people signed
> directly by a DD - Maybe two hops away, but that's probably extending
> it too much beyond what we know to be true.
> Greetings,
imagine a thing like google map with pinpoints for all DD's. Now add a
circle of say 50 miles around each. Now if people in those areas could
meet a DD and join the web of trust, what percentage of people would be
able to join the web of trust to take a poll/vote? That would probably
make it easier for EU folks to get more votes than folks in the US. I
suppose that would have to be a limitation for now, before we reach
world domination and everyone is a DD x-) (Can vi and emacs be DD's?)
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