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Re: Private copies of list replies

On 13 Mar 2006, Benjamin Seidenberg uttered the following:

> Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>> I guess it is time to move to a more capable MUA, no?
>> manoj
> How many Joe/Jane users do you think can handle the complexity and
> different paradigm required by mutt?

        Err, who said anything about mutt? I have never used that
 program, since when I tested it out I found it kinda under powered,
 and lacked extensibility.

> These mailers are easy to use, and are well integrated into the
> desktop environment. Most importantly, they offer
> GUI/Point-and-Click interfaces so that they are easy to use.

        If these Jane/Joe users want a reliable copy of the message,
 then they should subscribe to the mailing list -- or hope that an
 explicit request for a CC is honored. Nothing actually guarantees a CC
 anyway -- but setting MFT increases their chances of a reply from
 people like me, whose MUA's are configures to honor an MFT.

> David Weinehall wrote:
>> There are plugins for Thunderbird that solves that (mnehy, for
>> instance); you can also do a little prefs hackery:
> Again, how many Joe users are going to install extensions or mess
> around with their prefs.js to set up arbitrary headers ("headers?
> what are those")? This sort of thing has to work out of the box for
> everyone.

        I am personally not very interested in people who are
 unwilling to learn how to use their tools, and expect me to ask how
 high when they sa jump.

        If you are unwilling to learn how to set a MFT, get used to
 sometimes missing out a CC from me.  Getting  a CC is not an

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