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Re: uol.com.br and petsupermarket

"Guilherme de S. Pastore" <guilherme.pastore@terra.com.br> writes:
> Really, even though UOL does not respond, does inflicting this kind of
> thing on their users seem right? You are punishing people which have
> nothing to do with the problem. You have messed with people's work for
> no practical reason. You have dropped a nuclear bomb to kill a
> cockroach, and the cockroach is still alive.

As a postmaster of a largish (12000+ users) email forwarding gateway,
I'd say the way the Debian listmasters have handled this situation
seems very valid. If an ISP doesn't bother to respond (not neccesarily
by rectifying the situation, but at least explaining the reasons for
some strange behaviour) in any way to trouble tickets issued from the
outside, that ISP does then risk the fact of being blacklisted.

I would be seriously distressed if the listmasters had started with
blacklisting without first trying to contact the relevant addresses
(like postmaster@uol.com.br).

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