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Re: Private copies of list replies

Glenn Maynard <glenn@zewt.org> writes:

> Mutt has a configuration var somewhere to tell it whether to CC or not
> by default on list followups.  I have it set not to, and I have to add
> the CC manually if I want it.  I'm sure Mutt is capable enough that it's
> possible to bind a key to "enable CC, start list followup, revert CC"
> or something, but I'm not inclined to spend that much time bending over
> backwards to implement other people's preferences, when there's a well-
> known way for them to make it happen automatically.

I am using Gnus.  I have it setup to send followups to the list only.
When I do a followup it goes to the list, a reply goes to the sender
and a "very wide reply" goes to both.  I wonder what the group-reply
command in mutt does.

> I'm also failing to see any reasons people would *not* set M-F-T if they
> want CCs (or if they specifically don't; Debian lists aside, most other
> lists have no such policy).  I'm not charged for email on a per-header
> basis; there's no drawback to setting it.

A simple reason could be that it is not supported by their MUA.

> The fact that it's "not a formal standard" isn't interesting to me; it'd
> be nice if it was, but that's all.

I agree that it would be nice.  But, due to the fact that it is not a
formal standard you can not expect everybody's MUA to support it.

This should not prevent you from promoting MFT. ;-)  Only until it is
a standard it is not an universal solution.


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