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Re: For those who care about stable updates

Wouter Verhelst wrote on 09/03/2006 19:28:
> [...] saying
> that James is The Problem(TM) here sounds like overreaction to me.

It might be.

> Though I'll acknowledge that there is a problem if James is slow in
> response on one of the many hats he's wearing, I urge you to respect him
> for the huge and huge amounts of work he gets done for the Project.

Well, if James himself isn't the problem, then the problem lies in the
many "hats he's wearing" (to use your words). If he is overloaded, he
should step back from one or more of those posts and let others fill in.

Honestly: I _do_ value the work James does (though I don't see much of
it, I still assume he does a lot in the background to keep the Debian
infrastructure working). But the problem is the work only he can do
currently, but which sits waiting in a long (and even getting longer) queue.


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