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Re: FTP link

<alexander89@arcor.de> wrote in message [🔎] 74118.1141592926323.JavaMail.ngmail@webmail13">news:[🔎] 74118.1141592926323.JavaMail.ngmail@webmail13...
I have a question about your ftp servers. i am creating a debian website for "newbies". i wrote an installation guide for the debian installation. in this guide i want to >show where the user can download the ISO datas. my question is: can i create a direct link to the ftp server? or is it illegal?
it looks like this:

[i386]--> download (behind download is the link to the debian ftp download server)

You can link directly to the image, but if you do so be sure you use a round robin server.
For example:
or ftp.de.debian.org
rather than linking to one of our mirrors directly.

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