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Re: Questions about Ubuntu

Joey Hess wrote:

Benjamin Seidenberg wrote:
I think what we need to do is create some kind of meta-package that would pull in a full environment like what is installed by Ubuntu (which I know has been discussed in the past) and then offer an official "Debian Desktop" CD that would have D-I preconfigured to install this, and make an extremely visible option in D-I to install this meta-package on the full CDs. Thus, someone who wants a minimal system can still use the netinst CD or full CD set without the option, but a new user can use the single "Desktop CD" or the full CD set and check the option.

It seems that you have not installed the same Debian that I have? Since
it already does all of this.

I will admit that when I first installed debian, I was still using the woody floppy disk installer, and though I've used sarge's, it was only the netinst CD. I guess tasksel already does this, but someone still has to go through and check desktop environment, after the install. What I'm talking about is the very beggining of the install asking "Desktop" "Server" or "Custom" install, something very noticable, and easier to use. If this is an option in the full CD set installer, I appologize.


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