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Re: What is an official sub-project of Debian?

On Wed, 1 Mar 2006, MJ Ray wrote:

I expect official sub-projects:
1. to be listed on http://www.de.debian.org/devel/#projects

This makes the requirement that the project has at least one
person with access to the web CVS or is able to convince one
person of the web team.

2. follow some published and fairly agreeable guidelines like
   (when it appears under GPL or other free software terms
    and so has more completed sections added... :-/ )

Please note that this document was move to chapter 7 of the
CDD documentation (GPLed and packged in cdd-doc):


While not every subproject (we called it Debian Internal projects)
is a CDD the guidelines might fit for any subproject.  A little
bit of history:  Formerly we called technical and user oriented
projects "Debian internal project".  At DebConf 3 in Oslo we
found a new name for those user oriented projects to differentiate
from the technical projects.  In principle we do not really
a policy for those internal projects but people who do the

    1. Caring for the packages or other technical infrastructure
       *inside* Debian.
    2. Making this work public (on the web pages)

This work makes a project and nothing else.

I don't think following the constitution is important (mostly,

A constitution is a written paper and a project is work.
IMHO this work should just not conflict to the Debian
constitution but we do not need any extra texts???

On the number of DDs, I think it doesn't matter, but more DDs
makes it easier to handle requirements 1 and 3 above.

It's better to have more than less.  Currently my main Debian-Med
work is sponsoring because there are not so many DDs involved
(or only partly involved).

Kind regards



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