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Re: Linux Forums

On 2006-01-26  1710, Matthew Palmer wrote:
> I'm doing this for me.  Benefits which may flow to others are coincidental.

I wouldn't expect you to be the person who's answering trivial newbie
questions anyway, then.

> > I am a member of a new project called Nabble - the goal is to improve
> > public discussions on the web. It works like Gmane with regard to mailing
> > list - it provides mailing list with a searchable archive, a threaded
> > view, and a web gateway for posting. But it tries to improve upon existing
> > solutions by providing a better search (using Lucene) and a clean UI.
> And apparently a broken posting interface.
> Gating mailing lists to forums for people who haven't realised that mail
> filtering exists is a fine thing, but if you start promoting Nabble or
> anything else as a "come here to get your questions answered for free"
> gateway to Debian lists, I think a lot of people are going to get awfully
> irritated.

Agreed. The scary thing about mailing lists include its ``crude''
interface; people aren't used to using their MUAs in this way. However,
as you point out, the users with the answers are expecting seriousness
from the posters -- a thing which web forums aren't renowned for.

Getting support in Debian should not be so straightforward that users
are tempted to be abusive. Also, we are eager to see more (actual)
members of the community.
Again, getting new users onto the lists is the key.

Regards, Anders Breindahl.

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