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Re: Debian derivatives and the Maintainer: field (again)

Matt Zimmerman <mdz@ubuntu.com> writes:

> I don't think you can speak to what tools we do or do not have.  The fact
> is, we import most Debian source packages unmodified, and do not have any
> such tool for modifying them.

It's really a very short perl script, or a simple modification in C to
the dpkg-building tools.  Indeed, if you said, "hey, we would like to
do this, but need someone to write the tool for us" you might well
find volunteers.

>> Since you are rebuilding the package, you *must* change the version number
>> *anyway*.  It is not correct to recompile, and leave the version number
>> alone.
> I don't agree.  This isn't even the case within Debian.  Binary-only NMUs
> don't modify the source package, even though the binaries are recompiled.

Actually, binary-only NMUs, after the first compilation, *do* get new
version numbers.

> I do expect, however, for this decision to be taken with regard to all
> Debian derivatives, and not to single out Ubuntu with a different set of
> criteria.

No other Debian derivative, as far as I'm aware, says that it
cooperates fully with Debian.  


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