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Re: For those who care about their packages in Ubuntu

CC:ing -project because this is a project wide call for discussion.

Am Montag, den 16.01.2006, 18:36 -0500 schrieb Joey Hess:
> Please consider ALL code written/maintained by me that is present in
> Ubuntu and is not bit-identical to code/binaries in Debian to be not
> suitable for release with my name on it.

What I find very dissapointing is that mdz asked on debian-devel twice
for a decision from debian how ubuntu should handle the maintainer Field
without any luck:

There have been no responses which would indicate what we should do.
There are clearly some Maintainers in Debian, who want their name in the
maintainer field and some who don't want that. You are now making a
request to not release binary packages with your name on it. I assume
this does not include source packages as well, just binary packages. 

This is a call for discussion: What does debian actually want? Do we
really need to include a white or black list (and what exactly?) in
apt-get, apt-cache and co to disable/mangling the Maintainer field of
packages just imported from Debian? Or can we live with an less
intrusive approach? 

I'd prefer a solution which can be implemented in a reasonable time
frame, and which ends this annoyingly heated discussion once and for

Reinhard Tartler <siretart@tauware.de>

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