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Re: Emphasize teams, not packages

Peter Samuelson wrote:
> The point of maintaining a package is to prove that you *can* maintain
> a package.  Being on a team proves nothing.  Being on a team and doing
> most of the work proves something, if this can be measured, but that's
> difficult.  As it happens, I'm on at least one team where I do a
> majority of the work, and at least one team in name only (haven't yet
> done *any* work).  I don't particularly expect to be judged favorably
> for the one or unfavorably for the other, because it's just too hard to
> get the data.

My experience with participating in teams in Debian suggests that the NM
people give a lot of weight to recommendations about team members, and
that working with someone in a team gives a much better feel for their
skill set and overall suitability than installing some package they put
together, and leads to more detailed and strong recommendations to NM.

see shy jo

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