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Re: Stable security support

Anthony Towns wrote:
> Since the above, Moritz Muehlenhoff has been added as a security
> secretary and given priveleges to do security updates for testing via the
> security.debian.org infrastructure, but there's been no other activity
> to my knowledge. The testing-security team haven't issued any advisories
> since about this time in December. Joey's issued about 13 advisories
> in that time. There's discussion on the secure-testing-team list on
> this topic [0], and also some discussion led by Moritz about using the
> secure-testing infrastructure to track DSAs.

Hmm, had to follow your link to see that you were referring to the topic
of testing updates via security.debian.org and not the topic of there
having been no DTSAs lately.

The testing security team doesn't bother with DTSAs for security holes
that can be fixed in testing by normal means.

see shy jo

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