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Re: Status of mirror split and AMD64

Michael Banck wrote:
> <aj> Q_: there's already a reasonably easy script, it's more the
> 	issue of making it easy for people to find a (eg) m68k mirror
> 	when the country mirror only had i386 eg

Back before sarge was released I added information about what arches
each mirror carries to Mirrors.masterlist and everything derived from it
that I know of uses it. So if you're installing on m68k and your country
mirror doesn't carry m68k then you will not see that mirror as an option
in the list, for example. Or just see http://www.us.debian.org/mirror/list

IIRC my stats when I did it were that 30% of our existing mirrors
already drop one or more sarge release architectures, including more
than 8 main country mirrors.

So is there something else that needs to be done, on ftp-master or the

see shy jo

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