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Self Destructing Computers...

Hi, my name is Nick.
I went to start my computer last night after work and an awful blue smoke blew out the back.  I ripped the cord out from the wall and opened the computer up and the processor was smoking.  I put the computer outback for about an hour and then took the heat disperser off and the processor was black and unremovable.  I tried calling HP about it and they said i could give them $45 and they might be able to help me out.  I said what does might mean? Does it mean I'm going to give you $45 and your going to hang up on me, or pretend to listen to me and say you cannot help me then hang up?  They said no, we WILL try to help you, this is a one time thing though.  But we will be able to give you an address to ship your computer to and have the experts look it over and call you back with the problem and how much it would be to fix it.  After hearing this i just hung up and went to my friends house and started looking up things on the Internet and found that several people have posted forums about their computer doing similar things.  That is when i came across your article and it seemed to be more knowledgeable than others.
Getting to the point, is there anything you suggest doing short of showing up at the plant?
Thank you for your time,

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