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Re: Is volatile dead?

On Wednesday 23 November 2005 13.15, Martin Zobel-Helas wrote:
[long delays in volatile]

> How about joining the team? debian-volatile would surely do better, if
> more persons would be involved in the team process. Why does it allways
> need Andi or me to answer a mail on the mailing lists?

As stated, I'm not overly interested in volatile - I think there'd be a high 
risk of me silently disappearing after a few weeks if I'd offer help on 
this project, sorry.  I just saw that it was discussed quite a bit when it 
was introduced, and evlolved far enough to get mentioned in the release 
notes, so I got the impression that it was a well-established project.  So 
I was surprised to see that people have had to wait for several weeks for a 

Ok, after having complained about the work that doesn't get done promptly 
enough: thanks for the work you (== the whole volatile team - is there 
really only you and aba?) *do*.  volatile certainly is a good idea and 
deserves more attention.

-- vbi

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