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Is volatile dead?


I was asked (309511) to upload postgrey to volatile, as it contains a 
whitelist of some IP addresses that can't deal with greylisting.  I'm not 
particularly interested in volatile myself, so I come to this from the 
outside.  I would like to make two observations:
 * the procedure for volatile uploads is missing some information on how, 
exactly, the upload should be made ( see also 
 * I've not received an answer to my announcement on the d-v mailing list in 
a week, and investigation of the last three messages in the list archive 
(re: spamassassin and f-prot-installer) indicate that receiving no comments 
is nothing unusual.

So, is the Debian volatile archive officially dead?  Now I don't care much 
about random .debian.net (== unofficial) services, but OTOH volatile is 
mentioned in the release notes, so peolpe would expect it to work.

-- vbi

(/me wonders if I shouldn't have used the more traditional Debian is 
Doomed(tm) subject line instead *eg*)

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