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Re: Intel devices supported on Debian

Max Alt: wrote
At this point the kit supports selected Intel® Desktop boards built on the Intel® D845, D865, and D915 chipsets. Assuming >demand from our customer continues, we will update this kit for future Intel products and future Debian releases.

If you have comments or concerns, please let me know!
As Intel appears to realize, the best way to to make sure things work is send needed drivers upstream. I'll say I'm slightly surprised such drivers were nessisary. Often generic drivers will work. Although if these chipsets are fairly dfferent than the others that exist, it makes sense. Obviously specific drivers are better
if the generic drivers do not support all features, etc.

If at all possible these drivers should be available as .deb's that conform to Debian policy. This helps to ensure
that the drivers do not mess up other packages.

It is important that resellers note that these drivers are installed. The Debian project is obviously unable to guarantee support for such packages.

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