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Intel devices supported on Debian

This is a heads up to the Debian development community.
We had a significant number of customers request support for Debian in our so-called "Quick Start Kit" for GNU/Linux. This kit includes drivers for the latest Intel hardware and has been configured and tested to work with Debian sarge. The Quick Start Kit is targeted at resellers in Intel's global channel and will help make it easier for them to build desktop GNU/Linux machines running Debian. All the drivers of course include source and have been released under the GPL. They have also already been submitted upstream ( kernel.org, alsa.org , x.org) and can be downloaded at intel.com/go/linux.
At this point the kit supports selected Intel® Desktop boards built on the Intel® D845, D865, and D915 chipsets. Assuming demand from our customer continues, we will update this kit for future Intel products and future Debian releases.
If you have comments or concerns, please let me know!

Max Alt
Staff Software Architect
Channel Software Operation
Intel Corporation
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