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Re: Automated testing - design and interfaces

(Note: sorry about my earlier header mixup.  This thread is on the
wrong list so I'm crossposting this reply to -project and -policy and
have set Reply-To to point to -policy.)

Sven Luther writes ("Re: Automated testing - design and interfaces"):
> How will this interact with stuff like the powerpc32/powerpc64
> biarch situation, where there is a series of tests which can only be
> handled on powerpc64, but no powerpc32 ? I know ubuntu has only
> powerpc64 machines, so it is not as important to you, but debian is
> using 32bit autobuilders, and i geuss in both case people would like
> to test and build the packages on powerpc32 machines too.

I would expect this problem to be dealt with by specifying an
appropriate keyword in the Restrictions field in the test stanza.  Eg,
 Restrictions: cpu32
 Restrictions: arch-powerpc
or some such.


PS: Apologies again for my rather abrupt earlier response.

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