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Re: Intel devices supported on Debian

Floris Bruynooghe <fb102@soton.ac.uk> writes:

> On Thu, Nov 17, 2005 at 04:47:49PM +0000, Rich Walker wrote:
>> Max Alt <maxim.alt@intel.com> writes:
>> > and can be downloaded at intel.com/go/linux <http://intel.com/go/linux>.
>> Redirects to 

>> which doesn't seem relevant.

> It does seem relevat to me.  After selecting my language (europe,
> english) I get this page:
> http://www.intel.com/cd/channel/reseller/emea/eng/187871.htm
> Which pretty much says what he said in his email...


I saw an entire page full of "channel" stuff, and my brain switched off
(Used to happen with The Register, as well)

cheers, Rich.

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