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Re: Status update from Create Commons workgroup?

[Andrew Suffield]
> I thought that had been sent back to them some time ago... we've seen
> a draft that's probably okay except for a few details that are kinda
> uncertain and some wording that's just plain weird.

Right.  Perhaps there is some confusion somewhere, as Mr. Lessig did
not know about a reply when I spoke with him 2005-10-21.

> I don't see any reason why it won't get fixed and turn into the
> basis for the next versions of the CC licenses, but AFAIK we're
> waiting on CC right now.

Sounds good.  I hope a solution can be found.

> That's Evan's problem though, go ask him. I just read licenses.

Right.  Cc to him, in case he does not read -project, to bring this
thread to his attention.  I hope I picked the right Evan. :)

>> If we knew which of the two suggestions "did not have the effect
>> intended" (and why), we could come up with plenty of alternate suggestions.
> Bad explanation on our side, or misunderstanding on theirs. I
> believe these have all been cleared up now.

Even better.  I really look forward to see the positive outcome of
this discussion. :)

Petter Reinholdtsen

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