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Re: Installation

Rafi Gabzu wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm quite new in Linux, I currently have the Mandriva distribution.
> Questions:
> 1. Do you recommend Debian although I'm not going to work as a server
> and I'm new in Linux?
> 2. Is the installation process is by command lines , not graphics ? If
> not graphic , is it complex/requires lot of time ?
> 3. Is there snap shots on the Debian  desktop ?
> Thanks,
> Rafi.

Hello Rafi:

1) If you are unwilling to learn, debian is not for you. Other than
that, its pretty easy to grasp the administration, and to install the
apps you want/need.

Please also note that this list is not concerned with such issues, talk
to debian-user instead

2) Since there are many choices to make, and the install might be on a
machine hundreds of miles away, the install process is text-only. There
are however graphical admin frontends, like synaptic. Installation
requires a basic skill to read and understand english (or one of several
other languages).

3) Debian provides a choice of many desktops, like KDE, Gnome,
Enlightenment, XFce.. Take the one you like. :)


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