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Re: DCC (Debian Confusion Core) trademark negotiation status

* Anthony Towns:

>> Look at the www.dccalliance.org website:
> You missed "The initial release of the Debian Common Core, expected
> in the September time frame, will be based on Debian 3.1 ("Sarge")
> and certified to LSB." from the rather prominent "Press" link.

Unfortunately, It's still there.  Maybe the lack of updates indicates
that the project is already dead, or something like that.  Given their
business model (which does neither promote business nor free software),
this wouldn't be too surprising.

One of their FAQ entries is also rather bizarre:

| What is the "DCC" of the DCC Alliance?
| The DCC is not a Linux distribution; it is a "base" Debian system
| composed of essential programs or "packages" from Debian GNU/Linux,
| combined with member additions to attain LSB certification and achieve
| broad commercial acceptance and support.
| DCC Alliance members draw from a single software repository with a
| common posting of enhancements, fixes, and security updates. Each
| member of the Alliance can decide what further components they wish to
| add to their particular certified distributions. The benefits from
| this approach include a pooled development effort, enhanced security,
| and one standard set of components that third party application
| providers can support.

Quite a strange way to write "our original name was considered
offensive by those whose collaboration we seek".

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