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Re: Non-DDs as official Debian package maintainers

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On Thu, 22 Sep 2005 12:07:51 +0800
Paul Wise <pabs3@bonedaddy.net> wrote:

> MJ Ray wrote:
> > Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk> wrote:
> > > [...] and found in one of the bugreports for the package
> > > the comment "i'm searching for a sponsor for the new revision."
> > 
> > Perhaps a sponsor who does not intend to sponsor the package
> > any more should open a "RFS" bug in WNPP? No package should
> > be introduced to the archive by a one-upload sponsor.
> I've seen discussions where people were opposed to using wnpp for RFS.
> Anyway, there now exists a complement to mentors.debian.net at
> sponsors.debian.net for people wanting to find a sponsor for their
> packages. 

It is great that sponsors are most easily found.

What I find bad is the need to _change_ sponsor, which I suspect
happens alot more frequently than the switch of maintainer for
DD-maintained packages.

Packages with noone explicitly nursing them is a bad thing. that's why
we have the routine of "oh - someone seems to be MIA - let's check what
packages is hurt by this". This is not (easily) trackable with
sponsored packages.

So again: What is the responsibility of sponsoring, if not the full
responsibility of "everything the non-DD did to make the software
suitable for inclusion into Debian" (what I call "maintainance")?

 - Jonas

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