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New Maintainers

This is a summary of the AM report for Week Ending 04 Sep 2005.
2 applicants became maintainers.

Christoph Berg <myon>

  I am a 27 year old computer science PhD student living in Saarbrcken
  in south-western Germany. I discovered the world of Linux and open
  source somewhere around 1995 and came to Debian about 3 years later.
  On the non-Debian grounds, I am the upstream of ircmarkers and one of
  the active pisg developers. I am active on #mutt and #procmail and in
  the MuttWiki.
  in which I'd like to contribute to Debian include ham radio
  applications, more Bridge-related packages, i18n support (utf-8,
  gettext, DDTP, aspell dictionaries), and QA work. And of course lots
  of other things as time evolves :-)

Christopher Martin <chrsmrtn>

  I recently graduated from the University of Toronto with a Masters in
  History. Thus computing has always been a hobby, but one to which I devote
  considerable time. In 2001 I decided to try Linux, and though I installed
  several distributions, quickly settled upon Debian. While I came for the
  quality, I've since stayed for the community and the commitment to Free
  Software, which I find empowering and philosophically agreeable.

  Until 2004 I was content to evangelize Debian as a user. However, a
  combination of a desire to contribute back to the community, and to be a
  part of what I see as an important movement (Debian exemplifying the
  collective technical and social potential of Free Software), not to
  mention the presence of several "itches" in a few packages I used, led me
  to become a package maintainer, and as I honed my skills, to gradually
  increase the scope of my contribution.

  My long-term plans include the continued expansion of my work on the KDE
  packages, as part of a broader goal to improve Debian on the desktop.

Martin Michlmayr

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