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Re: "Debian" Core Consortium

<quote who="Jonathan Carter" date="Mon, Aug 15, 2005 at 09:29:05AM +0200">
> Benj. Mako Hill wrote:
> >Greg Pomerantz tells me that guys still haven't talked yet about the
> >DCC and the Debian mark.
> What happened about this? I'm not involved in any way, but I'm quite
> interested.

AFAIK, Greg Pomerantz (SPI's lawyer) and Ian talked on the phone
yesterday. I'm still waiting to hear back from Greg in capacity as
SPI board member (although he did give me a brief summary).

Since this decision *should* be informed (or take into account) a
stated trademark policy, Greg and I hacked on a rough outline of a
proposal in person Friday and will probably throw something out to the
trademark list this week. In terms of DCC, that will be up the DPL and
the SPI board who will, conveniently enough, be meeting tomorrow IIRC.

David, can we get something on the agenda for this? I do not have a
proposal but I would like to sound folks out and, if possible, have
Greg there as well.


Benjamin Mako Hill

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