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Re: Why isn't queue/new world-readable?

[Joe Smith]
> Also, Based on another message I read (on this very list IIRC)
> Debian is used by the government as an example of the propper way to
> export open source cryptographic software. If this is correct that
> is a nearly fail-safe defence against any possible claims. Therefore
> I reccomend making zero changes without consulting with both a
> lawyer and a represxentive of both the BXA and NSA.

It is possible to assist with the packages in the new queue if the
packages are available from somewhere else (normally the case), and
this location is listed in the wnpp request.

If this is the case, people wanting to help out can visit
<URL:http://qa.debian.org/~anibal/debian-NEW-summary.html> or
<URL:http://ftp-master.debian.org/new.html>, click on the bug number
to visit the WNPP request, and review the package in question for
packaging problems.  The review information can be sent to the
prospective maintainer and the WNPP request, and hopefully problems
will be fixed before the ftpmasters need to look at the package.

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