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Re: "Debian" Core Consortium

* Joerg Wendland (joergland@debian.org) wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 24, 2005 at 05:18:50PM +0100, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> > In any case, I think the major lesson from "Trusted Debian" and from
> > the URL above is the part about "you should ask us _first_".  Debian
> > is usually pretty unforgiving to people who use the "ask for
> > forgiveness than to ask for permission" approach.
> Recently Debian seems to have grown a very large set of toes that 
> is impossible _not_ step onto. Why all that nitpicking? I fail to
> see how our social contract allows us to be that arrogant. With the
> increase of Debian's release times and without commercial support
> (meaning Ubuntu and/or DCC, whatever its name will be) Debian will
> be gone before long. At least in that 'enterprise' environment I used
> to use Debian in. Please try to recognize such efforts as help for 
> Debian (buzzword for this would be 'leverage') not offense.

Thanks for the lack-of-faith.  The issue comes when you try to use
the trademark "Debian".  The point is that "Debian" means something,
something very specific, and if we want it to *continue* to have that
meaning then we have to protect it as a trademark.  It's really not all
that complicated, and it's pretty simple- just come up with your own
trademarks that don't use other trademarks when you come up with names
for things; or check with a get submarks on the trademarks you want to

It's not an impossible thing to the, the LMI folks seem to do it alot,
Debian could do it too, though in this case I don't think DCC is
appropriate, personally.


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