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Re: "Debian" Core Consortium

* Ian Murdock:

> The Debian Core Consortium (it's not going be called that, but that's
> what the media has been calling us) is simply a group of companies and
> nonprofits that build Debian derivatives banding together with a few
> central goals:

Fair enough.  But somehow nobody who is involved felt obliged to
clarify that "Debian Core Consortium" is not an official name.
Currently, if you link from your blog to some press article that uses
the name, without offering any corrections, this is as good as a
confirmation we have.  Same for Xandros, who seem to have confirmed
that the group exists, including its name.

Personally, I have no problems with a name which includes "Debian",
but it should not imply that the organization has control over Debian
or something like that.  With this in mind, "Core Consortium" is
clearly unacceptable.

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