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Re: debconf5 - videos of the talks and BOFs available

On Mon, Jul 18, 2005 at 12:07:09AM +0300, Holger Levsen wrote:
> Well, 'nuff said for the moment, dudette, the videos are and will be
> here: http://dc5video.debian.net 

Awesome work!

Just one question though: Is it planned to provide the videos as
OGG/Theora as well?  I believe we should (as Debian) push this free
codec as much as we can.  If none of you want to do the conversion,
would it be possible to host the .oggs at the above place if somebody
else stepped forward?



"To be honest, the lesson I'd tend to learn from that is 'Don't expect
to make money off a boxed Linux distribution in the middle of the
collapse of the technology industry', which I guess is our generation's
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