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Re: Is RFP useful anymore?

Lars Wirzenius <liw@liw.iki.fi> writes:

> The following is my first draft for the bug closing letter:
>         This "Request for Package" bug report has been open and
>         without activity for over 365 days.

You filed a "Request for Package" (RFP) for package %foo a long time

> This unfortunately indicates that no
>         Debian developer or other volunteer has found the time or
>         interest in creating such a package. 

No-one seems to have followed up your request. 
Probably, they were busy, or didn't understand the importance of the
package. Maybe you can produce a draft .deb? {see Packaging ... }

>         In order to avoid keeping
>         such request bugs open indefinitely, we close them after 365
>         days of inactivity. This message closes the bug.
>         If you still wish for the package to be created, the bug should
>         be reopened. See http://www.debian.org/Bugs/server-control for
>         how to do that or reply to this mail and we will do it for you.
>         This needs to happen within 28 days of the bug being closed, or
>         the bug will be archived and then a new RFP bug needs to opened
>         instead.
> Suggestions for improvements are welcome.

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