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Re: question

On Wed, Jul 13, 2005 at 01:49:07PM -0700, gtc@email.arizona.edu wrote:
> Debian,
>    I am interested in installing debian on my Mac g4 pwerbook and having both
> Mac OSx and Linux as operating systems. However, some of the software in OSX
> won't work in Debian such Digidesign ProTools, and the hardware for it--MBox. If
> I am working with debian package, and I decide to use some program that normally
> runs in OSx, do I have to reboot my comp? or can I just go from program to
> program, no matter what the platform, from some basic command-line?

There is mol, which is packaged in debian, which should allow you to run your
OS X install in a separate screen on the debian install

apt-cache show mol for details (doesn't work with OS X 10.4 yet though)


Sven Luther

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