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Re: Debian Jigdo (non-us)

Ben Stott wrote:
>Dear Sir / Madam,
>Eduserv Internet are the current host for the JISC National Mirror
>service at http://mirror.ac.uk/ <http://mirror.ac.uk/> . We have been
>mirroring the Debian non-us Jigdo downloads from
><http://admin.mirror.ac.uk/source.php?action=edit&id=133> , however it
>looks as though that source is now unavailable. 
>	I have looked through your site, and found links to
>http://atterer.net/jigdo/, however I am unsure that this is a non-us
>version and that we can use it. Would you be able to advise where we
>might be able to link to in order to download and mirror the non-us

Hi Ben,

Since the Debian project has released the latest version of Debian,
3.1 (aka sarge), there are two changes that will affect you:

 1) we no longer ship non-US versions of the CDs, DVDs or jigdo files,
    as the non-US parts have now effectively all been re-integrated
    into the main Debian archive.
 2) the layout on the CD/DVD download site cdimage.debian.org has
    changed to accommodate the new release

It looks like the config for the mirrors you're keeping at




needs updating to cope. Please feel free to contact me off-list and
I'll help you work it out.

Steve (for the Debian CD team)

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
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