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Debian Jigdo (non-us)

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Dear Sir / Madam,
Eduserv Internet are the current host for the JISC National Mirror service at http://mirror.ac.uk/. We have been mirroring the Debian non-us Jigdo downloads from ftp.fi.debian.org/debian-cd/jigdo, however it looks as though that source is now unavailable.
I have looked through your site, and found links to http://atterer.net/jigdo/, however I am unsure that this is a non-us version and that we can use it. Would you be able to advise where we might be able to link to in order to download and mirror the non-us Jigdo?
Any insight you could give would be gratefully appreciated.
Many thanks,
Ben Stott
Junior Analyst, Immediate Response Team

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