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ownership of the debian.it domain (was: how to request a DNS update)

On Mon, Jun 20, 2005 at 01:45:04PM -0500, Branden Robinson / Debian Project Leader wrote:
> I have authorized Marco to communicate with the current owner of the
> debian.it domain to effectuate its transfer to the Italian Linux Society.
> (I am informed that SPI is not permitted to own the domain since SPI is a
> U.S. organization -- in any case, my general instinct is to keep
> geographically localized resources[1] under the control of nearby
> organizations, where feasible and where we have a good relationship with
> those organizations.)
> Thanks for taking care of this, Marco!
> [1] even if only in the virtual sense

While the above is true and valid, it was not apropos of the message to
which it was posted in reply.

My apologies to anyone who was confused or misled by my message.

G. Branden Robinson
Debian Project Leader

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