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Re: sarge and the Wall Street Journal

Mainstream media hears that Open Source is less vulnerable to security risks & ( to the extent they hear anything about Debian) that Sarge wouldn't ship until 'it was ready'.
The 'news' was Debian shipped unready & with a security vulnerability.

Yes it was,discovered, fixed and every probable user in the window of vulnerability informed. But there was still news.

No one from the mainstream media will read a Debian list for news. If we want to get 'the word out' a continued campaign to communicate with mainstream journalists needs to be done as the call to the WSJ tech-writer. Then after you have been ready to give up in despair 3 times Debian will edge into their consciousness.

ZDnet's quality aside, I wouldn't be surprised to discover about 3x people read it as the entire open-source media combined.

regards Dave

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