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Re: sarge and the Wall Street Journal

On 6/8/05, Thaddeus H. Black <t@b-tk.org> wrote:
> I have obtained the reporter Guth's work phone number
> and do mean to phone him when he reaches his desk this
> morning.  He's on U.S. Pacific Time (GMT minus 0700).
> Have you any suggestion as to what I should say?

Tell 'im, Debian "unstable" is so good, year in and year out, that
thousands of the most dedicated software hobbyists prefer it AND Nokia
(and other Fortune 1000 corporations that may or may not be willing to
be named) ship products derived from it, and so easy to customize that
its relatives have led the Linux charge into LiveCDs, medical and
educational markets, and developing countries -- and that a three-year
software engineering effort that few (or perhaps no) corporations
could undertake, managed and staffed largely by volunteers (with the
sustained support of a few of the usual corporate suspects), has
resulted in a new Debian "stable"!

- Michael

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