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Re: Installation

On Tue, Jun 07, 2005 at 01:18:34AM -0500, Steven Houston wrote:
>    Hey! I just got an old friends computer, and he just wanted Decian, and I
>    told him I would install it for him. When I popped the CD in, and pressed
>    enter, it went through the list of things, and then it just rebooted and i
>    was back at the "Welcome to Debian free GNU/Linux" menu.
>    what do I do?! Help me!

  Eject the CD-ROM you used for the installation?

  In the future questions like this one would be better suited to the
 debian-user mailing list.

  The debian-project list is used for discussion about the project
 rather than installation questions and 'general' support.

# The Debian Security Audit Project.

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