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Re: questions

On Friday 03 June 2005 09.19, Andrew M.A. Cater wrote:
> > 2) How can I contribute code to the project? (what is the process)
> Read mailing lists for a month or so, perhaps contribute bug fixes.
> Apply through the Debian New Maintainer process: look at www.debian.org
> and check out the Developers link as a starting point.

I recommend contributing to Debian in the form of bug triage/fixes, taking 
on orphaned packages, doing translations, web page work, research work on a 
topic that interests you, ... - poackaging some piece of software you don't 
really need just because you want/need a package of your own is imho NOT a 
good way to contribute to Debian.  Debian has many packages already, and 
adding more packages just for the fun of it is besides the point.  Of 
course, if you regularly use a piece of software which is not yet packaged, 
by all means go for it.

Feel free to contact me off-list if you want to contribute and are not quite 
sure where to go, or if you want to contribute but don't know what you'd 
like to contribute.

-- vbi

Para aprender, perder.

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