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Advertising on Planet Debian

On Planet Debian there's been a bit of discussion about whether Ian
Murdocks web log should have been removed or not.

Joey Hess:

Gergely Nagy:

Scott James Remnant:

[ In order to provide a better means to discuss stuff, I'm moving the
discussion to this list. ]

Apparently he has been added back.

However, there's one thing I noticed about the messages from Ian that
were added to Planet Debian.  I seem to recall that I've read Progeny
Press releases there.  This is something Debian Planet is not designed
for and what many readers probably don't like in the first place.

Writing about ones work and how the own company or job evolves should
be pretty ok.  Even reporting *about* the new strategy of the company
should be fine.  However, I believe that simply quoting the company's
press release is advertising (oh, and hence should be fined with
$1,000, whoops *g*).  We are not accepting this on the debian-* lists
normally, so why should Debian honor this on Planet Debian?

Hence, I think Ian's logbook should not have been removed in the first
place, but he should have been asked not to use Planet Debian as a
platform for company advertising.



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