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Re: snapshot.debian.net

> I wonder if snapshot shouldn't be promoted to an official debian.*org*
> service in recognition of its value to the project.

Summarizing the discussion so far:

 (1) drain of funds / should Debian really purchase disk space of that size?
	(1.4TB, growing and growing...)
 (2) there is also the morgue (60G but only goes back a few months)
 (3) snapshot.d.n is useful for security - so far only source was used for 
this purpose
 (4) for various purposes, old binaries also seem useful; especially since 
the old binaries can not (easily) be regenerated from the sources.
 (5) the indexing is really nice (compared with what the morgue offers)

 - why not leave it where it is now, just add the DNS alias
 - How much *does* Debian spend on resources right now?  Not much, afaict -  
most resources are sponsored by somebody (as is current 
 - to limit the growth: keep x years of binaries, y years of source, and 
rely on past Debian releases for the really ancient stuff.

Conclusion: so far, I get the feeling that snapshot is a service that would 
be missed if it were discontinued, so I think 'awarding' it a debian.org 
alias is justified.

NOTE I haven't spoken Fumitoshi Ukai, who is maintaining snapshot.d.n 
afaict, so maybe he has totally different views.

so long
-- vbi

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